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Starting a VR Session

Using SchooVR with your existing VR/AR kits

The SchooVR platform is compatible with most existing devices. If you have equipment that was previously compatible with Google Expeditions, it should also work with SchooVR. This means you can continue using your existing VR equipment with the SchooVR platform, without the need to purchase new hardware.

Both teacher and student Android applications currently support Android 7.0 upwards.

To run a successful virtual reality (VR) session, you will need the following:

A compatible device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that can be placed in a VR goggle holder.
VR goggles or a similar headset that can hold the device and allow the user to see the VR content.
The SchooVR app, which can be downloaded from the app store on your device.
A selection of VR experiences or content to use in your session, which can be browsed and selected from the SchooVR platform.
By having these items in place, you will be well-equipped to run a smooth and engaging VR session for your students.

The SchooVR platform is designed to work both with and without an internet connection. This means that you can still access and use VR experiences and content on the SchooVR platform even if you don't have an active internet connection. This can be especially useful in situations where internet access may be limited or unreliable.

To use SchooVR without an internet connection, you will need to download the VR experiences and content you want to use in advance, while you are connected to the internet. Once the content is downloaded, you can access it offline and use it in your VR sessions. This can be a convenient and effective way to use SchooVR, especially if you are teaching in a location where internet access is not always reliable.

The SchooVR software can be downloaded from here:

Teacher Offline Software

Student apps:

Student Android Apps

Starting a VR session with a VR/AR kit


As a teacher on the SchooVR platform, you have the ability to easily lead a virtual reality (VR) session for your students. To get started, simply click the sidebar button and select the "Start VR session" button. From there, you can navigate to different screens, select points of interest (POIs), share slideshows, or even start a quiz, all within the VR environment. SchooVR provides you with the tools you need to bring engaging and interactive VR experiences to your classroom.


To participate in a virtual reality (VR) session on the SchooVR platform, students will need to place their device in a VR goggle holder and press the start button. Before the session begins, students will be prompted to enter their name. With these simple steps, students can easily join a VR session and immerse themselves in the lesson.

Students can view the experience in virtual reality when the Enter VR button is selected.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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