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Launch an Expedition

Launch an Expedition

This displays the students who have joined your Expedition using the unique Expedition code.
Teachers can toggle teacher/student mode.
This is the Expedition content. Teachers can use the information to guide student learning. Guided audio can be selected here.
Teachers can browse several interactive scenes.
This loads the digital resources for the Expedition. Teachers can send the resources to students in real time.

Students can access the Expedition in the browser or using our viewer applications.

Expedition View


To join a lesson, follow these steps:

Go to
Enter the pin code in the designated field.
Click on the "Join" button to access the Expedition.
Once you have entered the pin code and joined the Expedition, you will be able to participate in the interactive content and explore the virtual reality experience. You may need to wear a VR headset or use a compatible device to fully participate in the lesson.

Student Join Lesson

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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